FUE ARTAS robotic hair transplant

ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration System

Hair transplant FUE – ARTAS is a cutting edge and minimally invasive robotic hair transplant method in the world. Both men and women with different types of hair loss can undergo it. This also applies to people after scalp transplants, postoperative scars, or after radiotherapy.

Hair transplantation is a treatment that uses the hair follicles from the donor area located mainly on the back of the head in order to transplant them in those areas that have alopecia.

With the advent of the FUE ARTAS method, the side effects of the hair transplant surgery have been significantly reduced. We’re no longer dealing with large, ugly scars and long recovery time, which was the case with the conventional FUT method. The FUE method has revolutionized this field of surgery and becomes number one. New technologies that automate this method cause great results for the patients.

ARTAS, as one of the first robot in the world, was available in Dr. Turowski clinic. It is not surprising that Dr. Gregory Turowski and his team are among the best specialists to use this technology in the US and in Europe. FUE ARTAS hair transplantation is an effective treatment of hair loss due to the method of hair replacement.

  • No seams, linear scars and sensory changes at the back of the head
  • Identification and selection of the best quality hair follicles
  • No risk of damage to the hair follicles and better hair growth
  • Imprinting the natural hairline and even distribution of hair
  • The constant quality of the robot’s work and precision in hair extraction
  • Eliminating the factor of human fatigue
  • Shortening the duration of the procedure and greater patient comfort
  • A natural effect and a quick return to everyday activities


ARTAS robotic technology

Accuracy, precision and reproducibility

High -Definition Stereoscopic Vision System

The ARTAS System monitors and updates parameters for each follicular unit 60 times per second

ARTAS Artificial Intelligence Algorithms are used to detect and determine many characteristics including angles, thickness and hair type

FUE manual

Manual method

Inconsistent and variable manual results

Magnifying loupes

The human eye and brain can only process 10 to 12 separate images per second

Subjective guessing is used to determine hair characteristics

The only method to get back your hair is to transplant them!

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    FUE ARTAS procedure

    • On the day of the procedure, the patient needs to wash their head and abstain from using any hair gel, conditioner or hair spray
    • Medical consultation, preparation of the donor area (shaving, anesthesia)
    • ARTAS, under the supervision of a doctor, scans a millimeter by millimeter of the Patient’s head and extracts single follicular units
    • The ARTAS system defines the course of the hairline and the receiving area into which the follicles units will be implanted
    • ARTAS prepares places for implantation and performs a series of punctures
    • A team of technicians implanted selected hair follicles with tweezers into the receiving area

    ARTAS hair transplant results

    FUE-ARTAS transplantation is a minimally invasive method that does not require stitching. It does not leave unsightly scars in the back of the head. It does not involve long-lasting convalescence.

    The scalp heals quickly, because only within 2-3 days. Thanks to this, the patient can quickly return to work and ultimately wear each hairstyle. To obtain the best results, follow your doctor’s prescription and pre-treatment recommendations.

    In the short period after the ARTAS hair transplant procedure, only hair follicles remain in the scalp. The right hair falls out. It takes at least 6 months for the hair to grow back again. Full effects are visible after a year.

    Transplanted hair look and arrange naturally. They can be normally combed, cut and even dyed. So let’s be patient and wait to be able to enjoy beautiful, healthy hair again.