The first and the only one ARTAS iX technology in Poland

ARTAS iX, the latest work of American Restoration Robotics, is the most technologically advanced hair transplant method in the world. With the help of the intelligent ARTAS iX System, DR TUROWSKI Hair Restoration Clinic specialists can carry out even the most complicated treatment.

The robot’s operation is based on the Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. It allows performing a hair transplant with incredible accuracy, precision, and reproducibility. ARTAS iX is the only device in the world that simultaneously identifies and collects the best quality follicular units, prepares donor area and implant hair.

Restoration Robotics engineers also took care of the patient’s comfort. The new ARTAS iX is faster and works much more quietly than its previous versions. The chair has also been modified, which increases the patient’s comfort during the procedure.

ARTAS iX is a clinically proven solution that gives permanent results without seams, staples, and scars while protecting the remaining hair of the patient from damage.

robot artas

Intelligence, accuracy and repeatability

ARTAS iX is equipped with an advanced 3-camera stereoscopic vision system with a resolution of 44 microns and a 7-axis arm, which enables:

  • Intelligent analysis and selection of transplants from the donor area without the risk of linear scarring
  • Accurate identification and creation of optimal receiving sites, with simultaneous implantation of the extracted follicular units
  • Protection of existing hair
  • Preserving the natural appearance in the donor and receiving area

Precision and quickness

The ARTAS iX system was developed by the best doctors and scientists dealing with hair transplantation.

During one session, the device dissects the follicular units thousands of times. The stereoscopic vision and high definition vision system ARTAS iX selects the best follicular units to be extracted.

After collecting all follicular units, the ARTAS iX system precisely prepares the receiving area and implants each follicular units, while protecting the patient’s hair from damage.

With the help of a state-of-the-art robot, the system helps physicians to perform difficult, repetitive and precise movements, reducing the risk of human errors.


artas system

Clinical improved results