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    A modern ARTAS robotic hair transplant center

    DR TUROWSKI Hair Restoration Clinic is one of the most experienced robotic hair transplant centers in the world. As the only clinic in Poland, it has two ARTAS robots, including the latest revolutionary iX technology.

    The medical director of the clinic is a renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Turowski. As one of the first in the world, he used the ARTAS robot during hair transplantation at his clinic in Chicago. Currently, his clinics are the leading centers of hair transplantation in the world and a trusted partner of Restoration Robotics, which created and develops the ARTAS robot.

    Spectacular effects and the growing popularity of ARTAS robot treatments in the US have enabled Dr Turowski to introduce this technology of hair transplantation to Poland. The team under his leadership conducted the first hair transplant surgery in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe using the FUE – ARTAS method. Thanks to this, Polish patients also gained access to the latest technologies and the best hair transplant specialists.

    • Manual and robotic FUE technique of hair transplant
    • Pioneering FUE ARTAS hair transplant surgery
    • First Partnership with Restoration Robotics in Central and Eastern Europe
    • Polish-American team of hair transplant specialists led by Dr. Turowski
    • Leading and one of the most experienced FUE ARTAS hair transplant centers in the world
    • Over a 20 millions transplanted hair follicles using the FUE method
    • Two state-of-the-art technologies – ARTAS x9 and ARTAS iX
    • Title ARTAS Center of Clinical Excellence
    • The only accredited Restoration Robotics training center in Europe

    ARTAS® iX Robotic Hair Restoration System already in Poland!

    In 2019 Restoration Robotics introduced next-generation ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Restoration System.

    Dr Turowski Hair Restoration is the first clinic in Poland and the fourth in Europe, in which Restoration Robotics engineers launched the ARTAS iX system.

    At the same time, we have become the only accredited training center in Europe in which medical teams from other countries wanting to use the ARTAS iX system will be trained.

    The new ARTAS iX available only in our clinic!

    The most recent ARTIS iX system from Restoration Robotics has just arrived at our clinic. We are currently the only hair transplant center in Poland that has the latest, improved version of the ARTAS robotic hair transplant.

    The ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Restoration System is the only robotic intelligent solution to offer precise, minimally invasive, repeatable harvesting and implantation functionality in one platform.

    • The best in class results
    • Natural and permanent effects
    • No linear scars after the surgery
    • Less pain and discomfort during the procedure
    • Minimal convalescence time and no side effects

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    Loosing your hair? Get it back with ARTAS iX!

    ARTAS iX hair restoration procedure on special offer in May

    Dr Gregory Turowski
    MD, Ph.D., FACS

    Gregory Turowski MD, PhD, FACS, Medical Director of DR TUROWSKI Hair Restoration Clinic is a globally renowned plastic surgeon in practising in Chicago and Katowice.

    Dr Turowski is a certified plastic surgeon specializing in minimally invasive manual FUE hair restoration and robotic FUE-ARTAS method.. Dr Turowski is an alumni of most prestigious American Ivy League universities: Yale and Harvard.

    Dr Turowski is a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr Turowski as one of a few surgeons was chosen for the “Best Doctors – Chicago Metropolitan Area” guide and the national “USA Top Surgeons” guide.

    Hair loos problem

    Thinning and hair loss is nowadays a common problem, which touches many people in various age. 60% of men start losing their hair after hitting 35. More than 85% of 50 years old men have significantly thinned hair.

    Among the hair loss causes are: genetic conditions, hormonal disorders and age. Furthermore, thinning process can be caused by medical treatments, stress, thyroid disorders and skin infections.

    Even if hair loss is known as a typically masculine problem, nowadays number of women struggling with thinning is growing. Amongs the women after menopause the percentage with hair loss problem is higher than 75%.

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    FUE hair transplant

    In Dr Turowski Hair Restoration Clinic every hair transplantation procedure is done by the minimally invasive FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction). In essence this method is based on a series of punctures and transplantation of grafts. This method has two main benefits: no scars on your head and no pain suffered.

    In our clinic we provide hair transplantation both by manual FUE method as well as robotic ARTAS method. We are the only clinic in Poland and Central & Eastern Europe, which launched the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant robotic practice.

    FUE-ARTAS is the most advanced, robotic technique of hair transplantation in the world.

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